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Stone Butch Blues

Titre original : Stone Butch Blues (1993)




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Published in 1993, this brave, original semi-autobiographical novel is considered to be the finest account ever written of the complexities of a transgendered existence. Woman or man ? Thats the question that rages like a storm around Jess Goldberg, clouding her life and her identity. Growing up differently gendered in a blue-collar town in the 1950s, coming out as a butch in the bars and factories of the prefeminist 60s, deciding to pass as a man in order to survive when she is left without work or a community in the early 70s. This powerful, provocative and deeply moving novel sees Jess coming full circle, she learns to accept the complexities of being a transgendered person in a world demanding simple explanations : a he-she emerging whole, weathering the turbulence.

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1993 Editions Autoédité

Américaine Langue américaine - Format : PDF

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