Walking your octopus

de Brian Kesinger (2013)




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A beautifully produced and richly illustrated book that showcases the day-to-day adventures of independent girl-about-town Victoria Psismall and her pet land octopus Otto. Thirty panoramic, full-page illustrations humorously chronicle the duo's home and social activities that include (among other things) bathing, biking, dating, cooking, playing croquet, and pumpkin carving. Accompanying text explains the "do"s and "don't"s of living with a large land octopus. The book's art is extremely detailed, and each illustration tells its own visual story. The Victorian era characters and period-influenced design elements combine to create a wonderful, collectible art-object for those who still value the classic elegance of ink-on-paper. The hardcover binding is plussed with two-layer embossing and spot varnish, and the interior is printed on extra heavy paper. An exquisite volume for lovers of books, art and pets.

Titre original : Walking your octopus (2013)

1 édition pour ce livre

2013 Editions Baby Tattoo

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 64 pages | ISBN : 9781614040064

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  • Acherontia Le 14 Septembre 2015 à 13:56
    Une merveilleuse découverte que cet album ramené de Londres! Les illustrations sont sublimes, et je trouve cette idée de céphalopode domestique absolument géniale! Vivement ma lecture de l'album suivant...

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