Fantastic Four, book 6: Empyre




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First, the Mole Man and his biggest monsters return to the surface, bent on destroying one man: Wyatt Wingfoot! Can the Human Torch and Sky possibly save him on their own? Elsewhere, a never-before-seen Elder of the Universe steps into the light to change things for Marvel’s First Family — forever! As the FF find themselves neck-deep in the events of EMPYRE, Franklin and Valeria face a looming crisis back on Earth that calls for the aid of a couple of former members of the New Fantastic Four: Spider-Man and Wolverine! With the entire cosmos at stake, can Ghost Rider and the Hulk be far behind? And can the Richards siblings rise to the challenge before them? All this, plus — wait, when was Iceman a member of the FF?!
(Collecting: Empyre: Fantastic Four #0, Fantastic Four (2018) #21-24, Empyre: Fallout - Fantastic Four #1)

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2020 Editions Marvel

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 144 pages | Sortie : 8 décembre 2020 | ISBN : 9781302920470

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