The Teddies Saga, book 2: They Stole Our Hearts

de Daniel Kraus (2021)




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The heart-pounding sequel to They Threw Us Away, about a group of teddy bears looking for a place to call home…and answers to life’s biggest questions.

The teddies—clever Buddy, brave Sunny, sweet Sugar, and wise Reginald—have managed to find a child. Life with Darling is far better than any they’ve known. But something's not right—the promised bliss of Forever Sleep hasn’t come. And they are kept a secret from Darling’s mother, hidden underneath the child’s bed in the dusty darkness.

Then the inevitable happens: Mama discovers the teddies. And like all adults they’ve met thus far, she responds with fear and anger. The teddies must watch as one of their friends is destroyed. The remaining trio barely escape, thrust back into a world that does not want them.

Disillusioned and lost, the teddies embark on a journey back to the factory where they were created. En route, they find a civilization of discarded teddy bears. The comfort of a town of teddies has its allure…but the need for answers weighs heavy. And there’s something definitely off about these new teddies. Will our heroes accept their strange rules? Or must they dig deep for one more grand adventure to finally learn why they were thrown away ?

Titre original : The Teddies Saga, book 2: They Stole Our Hearts (2021)

1 édition pour ce livre

2021 Editions Henry Holt & Company

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 240 pages | Sortie : 11 janvier 2022 | ISBN : 9781250224422

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1 commentaire

  • RuneKirhan Le 06 Septembre 2022 à 19:37
    Une suite largement à la hauteur du premier volume ! La seule erreur de cette série est, à mon humble avis, d’être publiée dans un registre jeunesse, car l’ambiance sombre, très sombre par moment, pourrait déstabiliser les plus jeunes. La suite et fin de la trilogie est attendue pour janvier prochain, et autant dire que la couverture promet du lourd !

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