The First Global Village

de Martin Page (2008)




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Portugal is Europe's southwestern extremity, washed by the Atlantic, and warmed by the Mediterranean sun. Alone among Iberia's ancient kingdoms, in it's independence from Spain, it is a nation about half the size of Florida, with two -thirds the population. Yet over centuries, it has influenced the lives of the rest of us far more than many much larger and more powerful countries. The Portuguese gave the English afternoon tea, and Bombay, the key to empire. They brought to Africa protection from malaria, and slave-shipments to America; to India, higher education, curry and samosas; to Japan, tempura and firearms.

Titre original : The First Global Village (2008)

1 édition pour ce livre

2012 Editions Casa das letras

Portugaise Langue portugaise | Traduit par Gustavo A. Palma | 309 pages | ISBN : 9789724617633

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