A traveller's companion to St Petersburg

de Laurence Kelly (1981)




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Featuring a vivid selection from biographies, novels, letters, poems, diaries and memoirs, this volume traces the story of St Petersburg from earliest times. Through these pieces, readers can observe the city's foundation by Peter the Great, on the marshy shores of the Gulf of Finland. First hand accounts tell of the 1825 Decembrists standing in the snow in Senate Square, refusing to accept Nicholas I as Tsar, being shot down where they stood; of the imprisonment of Dostoevsky and the duel that killed Pushkin; of the last moments of the mad Emperor Paul; and of the storming of the Winter Palace by the crowd in 1917.

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2003 Editions Interlink

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 272 pages

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  • Nathalie Le 19 Septembre 2011 à 09:37
    Une collection de textes d'époque pour revivre St Petersburg à travers les âges... A conseiller au visiteur curieux et fan d'histoire, pas à celui qui souhaite se limiter aux informations indispensables au touriste.

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