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The Men in Black is an international espionage organization which monitors and investigates both good and evil paranormal activity on Earth. Their remit includes alien life, demons, mutants, zombies, werewolves, legendary creatures and other paranormal beings. In order to keep their investigations secret, much of the global population are unaware of their activities, and are liable to be neuralyzed to blank their memory of any interaction with the agents.

Notable members include Zed, Jay, Kay and Ecks. Ecks later became a rogue agent after learning the truth behind the MiB: That they seek to manipulate and reshape the world in their own image by keeping the supernatural hidden.

An agent may use any means necessary, including death and destruction, to accomplish a mission. Agents sever all ties with their former lives, and (thanks to the neuralyzer) as far as the world is concerned, they do not exist.
(Collects Men in Black #1-3)

1 édition pour ce livre

1990 Editions Aircel

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 96 pages | Sortie : 1er juin 1990

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