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The gods of the Myriad were as real as the coastlines and currents, and as merciless as the winds and whirlpools. Then one day they rose up and tore each other apart, killing many hundreds of islanders and changing the Myriad forever.

On the jumbled streets of the Island of Lady's Crave live Hark and his best friend Jelt. They are scavengers: living off their wits, diving for relics of the gods, desperate for anything they can sell. But now there is something stirring beneath the waves, calling to someone brave enough to retrieve it. Something valuable. Something dangerous.

Nothing is quite as it seems, and when the waves try to claim Jelt, Hark will do anything to save him, and the islands that he loves. Even if it means a death-defying journey into the strange dark-light of the Undersea, to face not oly who his friend has become, but what...

Titre original : Deeplight (2019)

1 édition pour ce livre

2019 Editions Pan MacMillan

Française Langue française | 448 pages | Sortie : 31 Octobre 2019 | ISBN : 9781509836956

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