I hate Fairyland, tome 3 : Good girl

de Skottie Young (2017)




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Gert finally realizes that being such a murderous maniac might be the reason she’s not been able to find her way out of the candy-coated world of Fairyland that has been her nightmare for over 40 years. She sets off on a new quest to redeem herself and tries to earn her way back home with good deeds and kindness and love and whatever other mushy, touchy-feely things she can manage. The epic and hilarious fantasy quest from fan-favorite cartoonist SKOTTIE YOUNG continues. Collects I HATE FAIRYLAND #11-15 - See more at: https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/i-hate-fairyland-vol.-3-good-girl-tp#sthash.xJL4PXc7.dpuf

Titre original : I hate Fairyland, tome 3 : Good girl (2017)

2 éditions pour ce livre

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2018 Editions Urban Comics (Indies)

Française Langue française | 136 pages | Sortie : 9 Mars 2018 | ISBN : 9791026810599

2017 Editions Image Comics

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 136 pages | Sortie : 18 Octobre 2017

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1 commentaire

  • AltheaVimaire Le 18 Avril 2018 à 16:23
    Gertrude toujours dans des situations improbables, j'adore ce comics !

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