Kingdom, tome 4 : Soulless




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Sacrifice. LOYALTY. FAMILY. Bear wants to bend the metal bars of his jail cell with his bare hands and escape. Not because of the men on the inside who want him dead, but because Thia is out there where he can’t protect her. Thia isn’t the type of girl to wait around to be rescued, especially when she has some rescuing to do of her very own. Bear and Thia are in for a fight, not only for their lives, but for their love. SOULLESS is book FOUR in the KING SERIES and the finale to LAWLESS.

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2020 Editions Hugo & cie (New romance)

Française Langue française | 300 pages | Sortie : 9 Juillet 2020 | ISBN : 978-2755648416

2016 Editions CreateSpace

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 276 pages | Sortie : 17 Février 2016 | ISBN : 9781523978366

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  • Aurore62128 Le 07 Novembre 2018 à 15:13
    Un bon 4 eme tome, j'ai nettement plus apprecié l'histoire de Bear/Thia que celle de King/Ray. Et que dire de la fin ??? !

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