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Les animaux du bois de Quat'sous

de Colin Dann (1979)




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Farthing Wood is being bulldozed and a drought means the animals no longer have anywhere to live or drink. Fox, Badger, Toad, Tawny Owl, Mole and the other animals band together and leave their ancestral home and set off to move to a far-away nature reserve. Their journey is full of adventure and fraught with disasters: a fire, a storm, a treacherous river crossing and a hunt. The animals must unite in adversity and in doing so they learn about each other’s habits and limitations. This is a story about tolerance, cooperation, survival and friendship from Colin Dann, which inspired the major BBC children’s series of the 1990s.

Titre original : The animals of Farthing Woods (1979)

1 édition pour ce livre

2006 Editions Egmont

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 302 pages

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