Les Enfants de D'Hara, tome 4

de Terry Goodkind (2020)




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Richard knew that there would be no help coming. It was all up to him to stop the threat or Kahlan would die.
They all would die.
Nine companions – Richard, Kahlan, the witch woman Shale and six Mord-Sith, Rikka, Vale, Cassia, Nyda, Berdine and Vika – are hunting a warlock in the waterlogged depths of the People’s Palace. It will take all their skills to close on their quarry, but do any of them understand the true power of a Witch’s Oath?

Titre original : Children of D'Hara, book 4: Witch's Oath (2020)

2 éditions pour ce livre

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2020 Editions Bragelonne (Fantasy)

Française Langue française | 192 pages | Sortie : 20 Mai 2020 | ISBN : 1028106742

2020 Editions Head of zeus

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 330 pages | ISBN : 9781789541311

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