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From the bestselling author of Autumn and Winter, as well as the Baileys Prize-winning How to be both, comes the next installment in the remarkable, once-in-a-generation masterpiece, the Seasonal Quartet

Spring will come. The leaves on its trees will open after blossom. Before it arrives, a hundred years of empire-making. The dawn breaks cold and still but, deep in the earth, things are growing.

Praise for the Seasonal Quartet:

'Transcendental writing about art, death, political lies, and all the dimensions of love. It's a case not so much of reading between the lines as of being blinded by the light between the lines - in a good way' Deborah Levy on Autumn

'The novel of the year is obviously Autumn, which managed the miracle of making at least a kind of sense out of post-Brexit Britain' Olivia Laing, Observer on Autumn

'Ali Smith is flat-out brilliant, and she's on fire these days... Combining brainy playfulness with depth, topicality with timelessness, and complexity with accessibility while delivering an impassioned defence of human decency and art' NPR on Winter

'Rank[s] among the most original, consoling and inspiring of the artistic responses to 'this mad and bitter mess' of the present' Financial Times on Winter

'A novel of great ferocity, tenderness and generosity of spirit that you feel Dickens would have recognised... Smith is engaged in an extended process of mythologizing the present states of Britain... Luminously beautiful' Observer on Winter

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2020 Editions Penguin books (Fiction)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 344 pages | ISBN : 9780241973356

2019 Editions Hamish Hamilton

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 208 pages | Sortie : 28 Mars 2019 | ISBN : 9780241207055

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  • BlueMoon Le 19 Avril 2021 à 00:17
    Ravie d'avoir enfin lu ce livre ! Entre le traitement des migrants au Royaume-Uni, la mise en avant de différents types de relations, le personnage de Florence que j'ai adoré et certains passages particulièrement émouvants, Spring m'a réconciliée avec cette série dont j'avais beaucoup aimé le premier tome, Autumn ! J'ai simplement eu un peu de mal avec le début que j'ai trouvé un peu confus.

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