The Resurrectionist, book 1: Glass Castles
Kelley York2023




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Lucas Walker has been down on his luck for years. Then he has a run-in with a surgeon named Henry Glass, who presents him with an unusual job opportunity: procuring corpses for Henry's medical research. Out of work and out of options, and maybe just a little enamored with the shy and gentlemanly Henry, Lucas agrees. But between the perils of bodysnatching and the fear of being outed for his proclivities, Lucas has his hands full. Falling in love with his employer is the last thing he needs.

Glass Castles is a novella and the first in The Resurrectionist series.

1 édition pour ce livre

2023 [E-book] Editions Autoédité

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 205 pages | Format : PRC/MOBI | Sortie : 1er juin 2023 | ISBN : 978-1960322098

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