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Two roommates. One calculus exam. A whole lot of extracurricular activity.

Living with four other guys, it’s bound to happen.
Every guy’s been caught taking care of business at least once, right?
It shouldn’t be a big deal.

But I don’t know Eric as well as my other roommates, and things are a little awkward now.
He’s a loner. A mystery. Quietly confident. Smart.
Sexy as hell.

I’ve been happily subsisting on the typical frat guy diet of booze and sorority girls.
But the way Eric looked at me that night?
There was something there.
Something that’s got me curious.
Something that’s stirring up feelings I thought I’d left behind for good.

Something that’s making me think I’m not as straight as I thought I was.

I can’t get him off of my mind.
I don’t think I want to.

So when he offers to help me study for a midterm, I take him up on it.

It’s innocent.
Probably. Maybe.

There’s no way I could’ve known what it’d start...

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Anglaise Langue anglaise | 302 pages | Sortie : 6 Mai 2019 | ISBN : 9781096788188

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2 commentaires

  • Aurore62128 Le 20 Juin 2019 à 15:22
    OMG ... Un NA MM comme je les aime, je crois que c'est également un book les plus HOOT que j'ai pu lire ! J'ai beaucoup aimé le format "episode" et l'evolution de la relation et des sentiments de Nate et Eric.
  • Aurore62128 Le 24 Août 2019 à 18:49
    Relecture et j'aime toujours autant Eric et Nate !

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