Big news for English-speaking Corto Maltese fans

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      #1 20 Juin 2019 06:02:24

      1. The Ballad of the Salty Sea, the first and arguably greatest Corto Maltese volume, is finally getting released by IDW. The previous English-language release made some controversial choices in translation, in scaling down size and rearranging panels, and in imposing new digital coloring, whereas IDW's releases have been far more pain-staking and faithful. They originally skipped Salty Sea, having obtained the rights to Corto only shortly after the previous version's release, but they are finally releasing their own version in February.

      2. The IDW volumes have remained on schedule since their inception in 2015. Assuming that doesn't change, we should be seeing the release of the final Corto Maltese volume in English next August.

      So, if you've been considering getting into this series and haven't, it may finally be time ;)

      EDIT: If you've never heard of Corto Maltese before, you can read its entry in The Top 100 Comic Book Sagas here, or my reviews of the first six volumes here.