The Art of Sleepy Hollow




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As the director of such blockbusters as "Batman" and "Edward Scissorhands," and the producer of the modern classic "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Tim Burton has earned a deserved reputation as one of today's most creative and innovative filmmakers. "The New York Times" calls his work "dazzling," and "Entertainment Weekly" hails him as America's "pop visionary." Now in this deluxe companion volume to his cinematic interpretation of the classic tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, we go beyond the sets and into the mind's eye of the director, to see how Burton's incomparable vision comes to life on film. Featuring production art, storyboards, costume designs, and set sketches, we see Burton's concepts transformed into screen magic.

More than just a look into the making of a motion picture, this is a collection of film artwork that is, in its own right, a major artistic statement. Drawings and paintings from the production show the depth of artistry that goes into the creation of Burton's world. His stunning vision of neo-Gothic nineteenth-century America comes alive: the foggy valleys of Sleepy Hollow, the cobbled streets of old New York City, and the menace and terror of the Headless Horseman. This volume proves that his vision not only resonates on the screen but on the canvas and sketchbook as well. The masterly work that accompanies the dramatic script demonstrates Burton's awesome creative prowess -- as both an artist and a major force in American cinema.

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2000 Editions Faber & Faber

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 192 pages | Sortie : 10 janvier 2000

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