Beautiful thing

de Jonathan Harvey (1994)




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"If ever a play had the bloom of youth on it, then it is Harvey's marvelous 'urban fairytale' about two schoolboys falling in love on a grim southeast London council estate ... The gaucheness, the rush of excitement, and the inarticulate tenderness of young love are beautifully captured in writing of great truth and delicacy. Only the most irrational of homophobes could fail to be moved by it."—Daily Telegraph

"Deliciously upbeat ... seldom has there been a play which so exquisitely and joyously depicts what it's like to be sixteen, in the first flush of love and full of optimism. Truly a most unusual and beautiful thing."—Guardian

"An unfakeably truthful portrait of adolescent self-discovery, showing sensitivity and fun pushing up like wild flowers through the concrete crevices of a Thamesmead estate. This is the most heartening working-class comedy since A Taste of Honey."—Independent on Sunday

Titre original : Beautiful thing (1994)

1 édition pour ce livre

2002 Editions Methuen (Drama)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 86 pages

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  • Seolchan Le 02 Février 2016 à 11:25
    Un peu déçue par cette pièce, j'en attendais tellement plus. La romance est à peine esquissée, je ne vois pas très bien en quoi cette oeuvre est un conte de fée urbain. Si vous connaissez le film éponyme, la pièce n'apporte rien de plus, au contraire. Par contre, c'est un bon entraînement pour parfaire son argot.

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