Monsterology: Fabulous Lives of the Creepy, the Revolting, and the Undead

de Arthur Slade et Derek Mah (2005)




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Grade 5-8–Slade takes a funny, fascinating look inside the lives of 15 creepy characters from literature, mythology, and folklore, including Dracula, the golem, Medusa, Loki, Sasquatch, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Loba (a female werewolf). Facts and historical background are smoothly presented in a chatty tone with lots of humor and just enough gross stuff to be appealing. Each six-page entry features a terrific black-and-white illustration and a listing of the creatures loves and hates, favorite saying, fashion rating, and high-school memories. Youngsters will enjoy this quick read and are sure to learn interesting tidbits about their favorite monsters. They may even discover some new ones to investigate.

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2005 Editions Tundra Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 95 pages

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