What's Up, Beanie?

de Alina Tysoe (2021)




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A collection of 160 comics from the hugely popular What’s Up, Beanie ?, all adorable, humorously frank, completely wholesome, and acutely relatable

Hilariously eccentric and self-aware, Alina Tysoe, the pink-haired illustrator behind the wildly popular What's Up, Beanie ?, captures relatable topics like family, the awkward pains of social anxiety, sweet moments of love and a growing relationship, amusing childhood stories, and her intense love of dogs. Adorably drawn, these endearing snapshots of Alina's life are surprisingly familiar, as if they've been taken from your own life : finding solace with a lone puppy at a crowded party, the frustration of deciding what to eat for dinner, making the mistake of hitting the snooze button, accidentally stepping on a dog's foot and feeling like a MONSTER, and tons more !

Including dozens of all-new exclusive comics in addition to fan favorites, this collection is perfect for those who need a laugh at the small agonies of life.

1 édition pour ce livre

2021 Editions Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 224 pages | Sortie : 3 août 2021 | ISBN : 9780358455486

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1 commentaire

  • BlueMoon Le 23 Janvier 2021 à 00:23
    J'ai adoré !! A la fois drôle et adorable, cette BD est aussi sérieuse parfois, effleurant le côté un peu plus triste de la vie. Ma partie préférée reste la première, mais je me suis beaucoup reconnue dans Beany adulte ! Excellent !

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