Which book are you reading this week?

  • cnslancelot

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    #231 08 Août 2018 20:46:51

    I've just started reading The rain from Virginia Bergin. This is the first book on the apocalyptic theme that I read and I do hope I appreciate it.
  • Premiere-Neige

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    #232 08 Août 2018 20:53:51

    I'm reading a lot of books at the same time, but I must say I focus more on two particular titles: V for Vendetta and Va savoir by Réjean Ducharme.
  • Thibault lit

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    #233 09 Août 2018 09:27:00

    I read "The Selection,book 1" by Kiera Cass
  • unenecessite

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    #234 10 Août 2018 18:15:29

    I am reading 2 books at the same time. The first one is the first volume of Night School. I am reading it because I have to give my opinion about it for the school newspaper.
    The second book I am currently reading is the second volume of Legends of the Emerging World written by Licia Troisi. I love this saga!

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  • This Cat Lady

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    #235 19 Août 2018 12:51:46

    Good morning everyone!

    I am currently reading Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South, it is a very pleasant book. I love XIXth Century literature, and I don't find this book too hard to read in its original language. But for sure, it takes me more time to finish it and more concentration also!
  • beckygirly

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    #236 19 Août 2018 13:47:02


    This week I'm reading Hex. It's about a town which was cursed: a witch has been appearing in every part of the town since her cruel death. Her mouth and eyes are sewed to prevent her from killing people, but things are becoming crazy. I'm really into the story.
  • Eva Qiziyeva

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    #237 03 Septembre 2018 19:29:02

    Hi guys !

    I've been reading the last book issued from Agatha Raisin's series and I love it. Although I've been pretty disappointed by Charles' attitude, it's always a pleasure to meet that grumpy Agatha and lead the inquiry with her !
  • Premiere-Neige

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    #238 12 Octobre 2018 18:40:33

    I'm seeing a lot of people reading Agatha Raisin. What is it actually? It sounds like a funny version of Agatha Christie :P
    As for me, I'm actively reading Dix heures et demie du soir en été by Marguerite Duras and I plan to start The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King very soon.
  • Claire Randall

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    #239 19 Novembre 2018 09:35:29

    I'm reading Villette - Charlotte Brontë.

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  • Ju feather

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    #240 19 Novembre 2018 09:38:24

    Hi everyone
    i'm currently reading the Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. And Just finish Alice by Christina Henry