Pogo : Complete Syndicated Comic Strips, book 01

de Walt Kelly (2011)




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Welcome to the Okefenokee Swamp where you're apt to meet someone you know, someone you want to know and at least a few you'll quote to your dying day. Walt Kelly launched the Pogo newspaper strip in 1948 and after but three years, his cartooning brethen awarded him their highest honor, the Reuben Award. A good chunk of that three years is contained in this book. It's the first volume of the long-desired complete reprinting of every daily Pogo strip in black and white and for the first time, every Sunday page in full color...plus, there are many large scans from the original art showing Kelly's beautiful brush line. The book is designed by and produced under the watchful supervision of Walt's daughter, Carolyn Kelly. Here's Walt Kelly's Pogo...a very high watermark in the history of the funny pages.

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2011 Editions Fantagraphics Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 308 pages

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