Princess Alyss of Wonderland

de Frank Beddor (2000)




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For curious eyes only!
You hold in your hand a scrapbook filled with the collected letters, journal writing and vibrant art of a lost princess. Her name was Alyss Heart and you may know her or think you know her frome that silly book of nonsense Alice's Adventure in Wonderland. In fact, Lewis Caroll got her story all wrong. Now, for the firt time, and through the help of a dedicated historian, Princess Alyss gets to tell her side of the story. hear about her harrowing escape through the Pool of Tears, the deep sadness she felt when her royal imagination began to fade, and what it is like to be a princess when everybody thinks you are just an ordinary little girl! And Finnaly, discover how Alyss reclaims her power of imagination to persevere in her wish to return to Wonderland.

1 édition pour ce livre

2000 Editions Penguin books (Young Readers)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 28 pages

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