"We are not French!" : Language, culture and identity in Brittany

de Maryon McDonald (1989)




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For all the attention accorded to ethnicity and nationalism in the contemporary social-science literature, there is a general paucity of detailed empirical studies that both illuminate the circumstances of specific cases and offer ideas of general significance. "We Are Not French!" by Maryon McDonald demonstrates how powerful such case studies can be. A social anthropologist with an intimate knowledge of Brittany and Bretons, McDonald has crafted a richly textured work that probes the complex relationships among and between politics, culture, economics, languages, and society. She offers fascinating insight into contemporary Brittany and numerous provocative ideas about the character and situation of ethnic minority movements in industrialized societies.

Titre original : "We are not French!": Language, culture and identity in Brittany (1989)

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1989 Editions Routledge

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 384 pages

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