Titans, book 5 : Family Reunion

Saga Titans Terminée




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The Titans - Deathstroke's hand-picked team of fallen heroes and conflicted killers on a secret mission only Deathstroke truly understands. Each Titan has his or her own reason for being there, and for many of them, its because Deathstroke holds the key to finding someone they want to rescue, or kill.

Now, their reunion quests will take them on a suicide mission to mount a jailbreak inside the world's most dangerous institution: Arkham Asylum. Can even Deathstroke take on all Batman's rogues-plus Batman himself-simultaneously?

Shazam!, the Atom and more guest-star as Deathstroke's team of Titans get closer to fulfilling their mysterious purpose... and further away from any possible redemption.

1 édition pour ce livre

2011 Editions DC Comics

Française Langue française | 144 pages

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