Two Little Witches: A Halloween Counting Story




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If one little witch meets one little witch, what happens on a spooky Halloween night? In this lively, cumulative counting book, they’re joined by a plump pumpkin, a fuzzy bunny, a friendly pirate, a pink princess, and more costumed characters, until ten trick-or-treaters are tiptoeing up to a dark, scary house. And what would happen if . . . a monster opened the door? Bright illustrations set off the simple rhythms of this Halloween story, just waiting to be completed with a page full of stickers.

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2007 Editions Candlewick Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 32 pages

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  • Tachan Le 24 Août 2016 à 19:55
    Petit conte en randonnée tout mignon, parfait pour travailler sur Halloween avec de jeunes élèves ou découvrir cette fête en famille.

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