How do you define yourself?

  • MyFloXyBabY

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    #31 18 Octobre 2017 22:52:01

    One word : KOYAANISQATSI !

    One sentence : wovon man nicht sprechen kann darüber muß man schweigen !
  • AmySunday

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    #32 19 Octobre 2017 10:12:48

    It's difficult to define myself in one word but I will say lazy ! :lol:
    I have so much trouble to force myself to do something like cooking or householding, I just want to stay on my bed, reading a book or in front of my computer :P
  • Elizewyn

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    #33 20 Octobre 2017 00:20:14

    It's very hard to define oneself, but if i had to, i'd say that i'm full of contradictions.
    I can give a lot and still be selfish, i can be very emotional but very guarded at times, i can be very wise and calm, but i still have anger issues and so on...
    Someone i loved used to tell me that i could change emotions in a split second and that it was very hard to follow sometimes.
  • ReadingAndCookingGirl

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    #34 22 Janvier 2018 22:59:17

    Not that easy to answer but I tried :)

    In one word: Quiet.
    In one sentence: I'm not really chatty, but I love to discover people and share with them.
  • cnslancelot

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    #35 27 Janvier 2018 20:55:20

    I would say introvert
  • Jelisetalors

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    #36 29 Août 2018 18:36:43

    Hi !

    I think I might be the kind of person who likes to discover. A lot. As a result I have too many pastimes, and I can't really chose one because I won't really be myself.
    I am easy to get on with, friendly and a little bit crazy. I love talking, writing (especially in English).

    If I should describe myself in one word, it would be : complex.

    Some people say I have two faces (maybe because I'm a gemini), but I prefer to say I am multiple faces: I can switch moods in a few minutes, depending who is talking to me.

    I can be very sweet and calm, many friends told me I can reassure them; I can be totally different with my best girl friend : crazy as hell, always laughing and a bit superficial.

    I think a human being is complex. I think we are all complex in a certain way.

    Welcome in my head :)

    Laters readers !


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  • OrcadianSky

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    #37 05 Octobre 2018 16:04:11

    I've been described as silent, disconnected or aloof more than once. Daydreamer as well.
    I am also an procrastinating explorer.
    Sarcasm is my second language. Some would argue with that. They would say it's my first.
    Overall I am a quiet individual who enjoys the compagny of her friends from time to time and needs to be alone the rest of the time. I have no religion, no faith, and I feel really uncomfortable when I am in a religious assembly at school.

    My mind wonders what was the univers like before the big bang and what the world is going to be in 10 years.
    I would like to travel the world but I am probably too lazy to give myself the means to that end. Haha. Meantime, I go abroad during my holidays. Fortunately, I've got plenty of those...

    Myself in one word: enigmatic

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