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In the world of ASH, fairies are an older race of people who walk the line between life and death, reality and magic. As orphaned Ash grows up, a servant in her stepmother's home, she begans to realise that her beloved mother, Elinor was very much in tune with these underworld folk, and that she herself has the power to see them too. Against the sheer misery of her stepmother's cruelty, greed and ambition in preparing her two charmless daughters for presentation at court, and hopefully Royal or aristocratic marriage, Ash befriends one of these fairies-a mysterious, handsome man-who grants her wishes and restores hope to Ash's existence, even though she knows there will be a price to pay. But most important of all, she also meets Kaisa, a huntress employed by the king, and it is Kaisa who truly awakens Ash's desires for both love and self-respect...Ash escapes a life with her grim and self-serving stepmother and finds her beloved one...
ASH is a fairy tale about possibility and recognizing the opportunities for change. From the deepest grief comes the chance for transformation.

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2010 Editions Hodder & Stoughton (Children's Books)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 291 pages

2009 Editions Little, Brown and Company

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 264 pages

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3 commentaires

  • Loveofbook Le 22 Octobre 2012 à 21:34
    Magnifique livre malgré l'ambiance sombre. Le style de l'auteure est très abordable et est sublime ! A lire ! :D
  • Czar Le 21 Janvier 2013 à 18:33
    Très vite lu, c'est un livre superbe, qui m'a captivée, étonnée, enchantée!
  • Cellassis Le 23 Mai 2019 à 18:19
    Une histoire assez sympathique, bien que je ne me sois pas laissée emporter...

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