Kushiel's Legacy: Naamah's Curse

de Jacqueline Carey (2010)

Saga Kushiel Terminée

Saga Kushiel's Legacy Terminée




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Far from the land of her birth, Moirin sets out across Tatar territory to find Bao, the proud and virile Ch'in fighter who holds the missing half of her diadh-anam, the divine soul-spark of her mother's people. After a long ordeal, she not only succeeds, but surrenders to a passion the likes of which she's never known. But the lovers' happiness is short lived, for Bao is entangled in a complication that soon leads to their betrayal.

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2010 Editions Gollancz

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 567 pages | Sortie : 29 juillet 2010 | ISBN : 9780575093638

2010 Editions Grand Central Publishing

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 576 pages

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