Daisy Miller and other stories




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Daisy Miller is one of Henry Jam's most attractive heroines: she represents youth and frivolity. As a tourist in Italy, her American freedom and freshness of spirit come up against the corruption and hypocrisy of European manners. From its first publication, readers on both sides of the Atlantic have quarrelled about her, defending or attacking the liberties that Daisy takes and the conventions that she ignores.
All three tales in this collection, Daisy Miller, An International Episode and Lady Barbarina, express Jame's most notable subject, the international them, the encounters, romantic and cultural, between Americans and Europeans.
His heroes and heroines approach each other on unfamiliar ground with new freedoms, yet fond themselves unexpectedly hampered by old constraints.

Titre original : Daisy Miller and other stories

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2006 Editions Wordsworth (Classics)

Française Langue française | 230 pages | ISBN : 9781853262135

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