Which book are you reading this week?

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    #261 16 Octobre 2019 21:32:44

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    Do you read comic books in english ? I think it's easier than to read novels, because pictures help to understand the text. ;)

    I couldn't agree more !
    Comics books, comics strips and even webcomics are awesome to improve your english.

    I would highly recommend to check gocomics.com. It allows you to read new strips in syndication daily.
    Reading classics like Calvin & Hobbes or Peanuts is great both for improving your english and discovering some parts of pop culture.

    Thank you, my dear! ;)

  • Ju feather

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    #262 21 Janvier 2020 23:37:12

    Hi :)
    it's been a long time !
    Well, I'm currently reading Evermore by Sara Holland. It's the sequel of Everless.
    I really like the world, the plot and most of the characters but I don't like the main character ! She is so annoying !

    Have a nice day
  • Premiere-Neige

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    #263 22 Janvier 2020 01:12:30

    @Ju feather: What makes her annoying?

    As for me, I'm currently reading The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O'Neill, an English writing Quebecer. As a french Quebecer, I'm always eager to discover local literature written in Shakespeare's language. Up till now, I really like the writing and the story itself, even though it's quite gruesome.... I appreciate how imagination can overcome even the most terrible violence. I'm only on page 60, but I can't wait to pursue it!
  • missmolko1

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    #264 22 Janvier 2020 11:32:35

    I'm reading "The Dilemma", the new book of BA Paris and I love it. It is very different from her previous books but I really enjoy the story.
  • Ichmagbücher

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    #265 22 Janvier 2020 12:19:13

    Hello, I'm reading "A forbidden rumspringa" by Keira Andrews. It is a love story between two young men who live in an amish community with very severe rules. By now, an accident has occurred to family members of one guy and he feels guilty and responsible, thinking God is punishing his sin.
  • Ourlig

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    #266 22 Janvier 2020 12:38:02

    Right now, I'm reading Terry Pratchett's Reaper Man. It's the second novel from the Death Cycle, the 11th in the whole discworld saga. So far, I find it really fun to read, though, to be honest, I find the wizards' side of the story more appealing than the parts more focused on Death.
  • Ju feather

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    #267 22 Janvier 2020 23:04:30


    She always repeats what her goal is. She does it all the time. She always says she needs to think but each time something happened she just decides to fight without thinking about the consequences.
    And the worst for me is when something terrible happened (she almost get killed for instance), and a second later she just talking about the guy she likes and how he looks good with a coat.

    Of course, it's just my opinion. I don't judge anyone who like these kinds of narrative. I keep reading this book because I really like the world, the universe and their stories. I also want to know how it will end.
  • Cherrywing

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    #268 23 Janvier 2020 10:28:39

    Hi! I'm reading "The Whoniverse: The Untold History of Space and Time". If you love Doctor Who, I believe this is one of the most essential books for your collection, especially for its illustrations.
    The content is basically a Doctor Who encyclopaedia, telling the history of the Universe through the events of the show, as if they truly happened.
    It's a beautiful book and a great reminder. Now I want to rewatch so many episodes :lol:
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    #269 04 Février 2020 19:15:10

    Hi everyone :)

    I'm currently reading The Professor by Charlotte Bronte. I already had read Jane Eyre by her too and also one novel written by one of her sisters. I really like the novels of the Victorian's era.