Nightside, tome 6
Simon R. Green2014




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rivate eye John Taylor is facing his most dangerous foe yet: his mother. She created the Nightside, and now she intends to obliterate it.
The Nightside is the dark heart of London - a dark, shady place, full of dark, shady characters, a corrupt place, where both dreams and nightmares come true, where anything can be bought for the right price, and where it is forever 3 a.m.

But to private detective John Taylor the Nightside is home, and he won't allow his home to be destroyed - even if he has to defeat his own mother to save it.

He is the only person able to stop her from exterminating the Nightside, a place that she created, but he fears that, whatever action he takes, the Nightside - and the rest of the world - will be doomed.

Nothing is ever simple.

Titre original : Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth (2014)

1 édition pour ce livre

2014 [E-book] Editions Ace Books

Française Langue française | Format : ePub | Sortie : 24 juillet 2014

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