The Haunting of Ashburn House

de Darcy Coates (2016)




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There's something wrong with Ashburn House...

The ancient building has been the subject of rumours for close to a century. Its owner, Edith, refused to let guests inside and rarely visited the nearby town.

Following Edith's death, her sole surviving relative, Adrienne, inherits the property. Adrienne's only possessions are a suitcase of luggage, twenty dollars, and her pet cat. Ashburn House is a lifeline she can't afford to refuse.

Adrienne doesn't believe in ghosts, but it's hard to ignore the unease that grows as she explores her new home. Strange messages have been etched into the wallpaper, an old grave is hidden in the forest behind the house, and eerie portraits in the upstairs hall seem to watch her every movement.

As she uncovers more of the house's secrets, Adrienne begins to believe the whispered rumours about Ashburn may hold more truth than she ever suspected. The building has a bleak and grisly past, and as she chases the threads of a decades-old mystery, Adrienne realises she's become the prey to something deeply unnatural and intensely resentful.

Only one thing is certain: Ashburn's dead are not at rest.

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2016 Editions Black Owl Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 344 pages | ISBN : 9780994630605

2016 [E-book] Editions Black Owl Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 328 pages | Format : AZW | ISBN : B01H0LB2HG

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1 commentaire

  • maevarlt Le 31 Octobre 2020 à 18:13
    Un livre où l'on comprend très vite qu'il y a besoin de lumière pour survivre (et d'un chat!). Une histoire terrifiante, intrigante avec une fin digne de ce nom. C'était peut-être un peu court, j'aurais aimé que l'histoire se déroule sur plusieurs mois et non plusieurs jours pour attirer plus de mystère et suspense. Mais j'ai adoré !

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