Les Révélations de Riyria, tome 4




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*A message is intercepted. A sinister plan has been launched. Two thievesstand in the way.*

Ex-mercenary Hadrian Blackwater sets a course on a high seas adventure tofind the true heir of Novron but finds himself traveling to a past he hopedto leave behind forever. Royce Melborn knows all too well the folly ofchallenging the cunning and ruthless Merrick Marius who stands in Hadrian'sway and joins his ex-partner for one last mission.

Meanwhile Princess Arista sets off on her own quest to find the heir whichleads her into the very heart of the newly formed Novronian Empire which isbattling external assaults while trying to hold control over their ownhalf-mad puppet heir.

Titre original : Riyria Revelations, book 4: The Emerald Storm (2010)

1 édition pour ce livre

2010 Editions Ridan Publishing

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 396 pages

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  • LamorAncantis Le 25 Août 2014 à 08:03
    je viens de le finir a l'instant en français au edition bragelonne où il réunissent 2 livre en 1 et ce tome marque clairement un changement de rythme de l'histoire. Une serie qui s'améliore au fil des tome la fin s'annonce plus qu'interessante j'irai me l'acheter tout a l'heure =)

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