Bad kitty, tome 2




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Life in Italy. It's all gondolas, gorgeous guys and 142 types of pizza. Right ? Oh. So. Wrong.
Meet Jasmine Callihan (1), Supersleuth Extraordinaire.
What's about to happen is:
32% Thrilling Mystery (2)
51% Gut-Churning Yearning (3)
17% Clothes Crisis-slash-Hair Horror (4)
100% Not Her Fault

(1). Hi! Or rather, ciao bella!
(2). If you can call it 'thrilling' when your only friend in Venice turns out to be in deadly peril, the only clue is inside a kitty, and your only chance to stop a murder is... what? Scary stuff goes inside the book? Oh, got it.
(3).Hot rock-star boyfriend Jack in LA + Jas in Venice = NOT SUPER FUN.
(4). And that's not including when my normally fab pals decided to dress me up as a giant mangy - Right, right, I know. Scary stuff? All inside.

Titre original : Kitty kitty

1 édition pour ce livre

2008 Editions Puffin Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 308 pages | ISBN : 9780141319773

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