Before Lunch

de Angela Thirkell (1939)




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Middle-aged Catherine Middleton, married to an obtuse but endearing older man, is the still center of a swirl of two generations of gentry on the brink of WW II. The activities of youngsters and contemporaries go on around her and it is only gradually that one sees how, without conscious manipulation, nothing happens without her. The characters are subtly and humorously drawn--keep an eye on the hypochondriac and self-absorbed Miss Starter who displays a shrewd gift for defining the essentials and deflating the fatuous. At the end, youngsters and oldsters are properly sorted out and paired off, mostly as expected, after several false starts. Alistair, the older man who sets off after the 'ing nue' is nudged back into place with Catherine's sister-in-law (his contemporary). She, in turn, sees 'her young man' off to seek his dream, leaving her bereft of the companions of her mind and heart -- duty and honor intact, with the notion of 'self-fulfillment at all costs' decades away.Before

Titre original : Before Lunch (1939)

1 édition pour ce livre

2016 Editions Virago Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 310 pages

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  • Mlle Alice Le 21 Novembre 2021 à 21:38
    Plus je découvre le monde créé par Angela Thirkell, plus je l'aime. Ici elle écrit tout un livre sur un seul non évènement et avec brio ! Et plus de profondeur qu'il n'y parait.

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