Birds of Prey (Renaissance), book 2: Your Kiss Might Kill




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The scream heard ‘round the world

Rumor has it that Dinah lance—a.k.a. Black Canary—has been running from the law for years. Her crime? Allegedly killing a man with her deadly sonic scream. Now, something far more dangerous than the law is hell-bent on taking down Black Canary: a cunning enemy who knows her every weakness, both physical and psychological. Standing between Dinah and certain death are her friends and teammates: Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana and Starling. But will they still flock to her side after they learn the truth about her past?

As the Birds of Prey risk their lives battling the insidious Court of Owls, Poison Ivy is gravely injured. The team must journey deep into the Amazon to heal her…but once there, Ivy takes the team hostage and a mysterious connection to a dark denizen of the Amazonian swamps is revealed!

Also featuring the seminal Zero issue!

(Collects BIRDS OF PREY #8-12 and #0)

1 édition pour ce livre

2013 Editions DC Comics

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 144 pages

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  • Taliesin Le 22 Août 2013 à 21:53
    Comme le premier, rien d'extraordinaire, mais suffisamment sympa pour avoir envie de continuer, et puis les dessins sont très beaux.

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