Constantine (Renaissance), book 1: The Spark and The Flame




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When you cheat the laws of the universe, someone has to pay...

John Constantine is one of the world's most powerful mages. But that power comes at a cost. Nearly destroyed by its temptation in his youth, he knows the price of magic's corrupting influence all too well. Now, whether alone or as the reluctant leader of the Justice League Dark, Constine fight the battle to maintain balance and prevent anyone from becoming too powerful!

That battle's about to become a war.

A deadly cabal of sorcerers is on the hunt for a mystical artifact that will allow them access to any magical resource on Earth. Now Constantine's in a race around the globe and against time to stop them. Along the way, he'll encounter supernatural forces even more dangerous than himself - from the wrath of the Spectre to the power of Shazam. Only Constantine can save the world from the cold flame of evil - but everyone he cares about may be lost in the process.
(Collects Constantine #1-6)

1 édition pour ce livre

2014 Editions DC Comics

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 144 pages | Sortie : 25 Février 2014

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  • Herbefol Le 22 Septembre 2014 à 22:15
    La meilleure chose à faire avec le début de cette nouvelle série centrée sur John Constantine est de ne pas la comparée à Hellblazer. On en retrouve le même personnage, mais une sorte de version un peu délavée, qui peut intéresser le néophyte, mais fera grincer des dents le lecteur assidu d'Hellblazer.

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