Dirty Girls

de Gillian Telling (2010)




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A no-holds barred look at the hilarious underbelly of what it means to be female, DIRTY GIRLS lays bare the secrets of the fairer sex. Women don’t come from a different planet than men, that is — in fact, both sexes want the exact same things: success, friendships, semi-functional families, semi-functioning relationships, good bodies, and lots and lots of great sex.

But there’s more. Even though we pluck, we wax, and we put on war paint to mask our blemishes, we also regularly watch porn. We wear our bikini bottoms when we run out of clean underwear. When we’re alone, we eat Cheetos and peanut butter on spoons for dinner. Women are fascinating, beautiful and, yes, disgusting creatures, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. DIRTY GIRLS exposes the filthy, lazy, fabulous truth that, everything boys can do, girls can do better…

Titre original : Dirty Girls (2010)

1 édition pour ce livre

2011 Editions Bastei-Lübbe

Allemande Langue allemande | Traduit par Nicole Hölsken | 222 pages | Sortie : 20 mai 2011 | ISBN : 9783838706368

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