Teen Titans: Earth One, book 1

de Jeff Lemire et Terry Dodson (2014)




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They were normal kids.
Until they weren't.

They were kids with the same problems as anyone. Victor Stone's mother wouldn't stop pushing him to be more than who he is. Tara Markov's mom couldn't tell you a thing about her daughter if her life depended on it. Joey Wilson was drawing further away from his peers every day, into a self-imposed world of silence. And Gar Logan had everything he could want, except the answer to what was happening to him...

...Something that would happen to them all.

In a day, their worlds shattered. Vic's skin became hard as metal. Tara's anger shook the world-literally. Gar began to lose himself in the minds of every passing animal-no longer a boy, but a beast. Worse still, their parents changed. Masks started to slip. The people who claimed to love them... had they been monsters all along? And then the visions began, of a world that was not their own, and a girl who'd lost erverything, a girl who needed their help to survive.

They aren't just kids anymore... But what are they? Who are they?

1 édition pour ce livre

2014 Editions DC Comics

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 144 pages | Sortie : 25 Novembre 2014

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