The haunting of Peligan city

de Sophie Green (2019)




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Peligan City, late November. Three months have passed since Lil and Nedly - Potkin and Stubbs - solved their first case. And now, at last, something new and unusual turns up: strange things are afoot at the doll hospital. But investigation turns up no more than an odd new owner. More important is the mysterious epidemic of deaths at the notorious Fellgate Prison. And when the Klaxon breaks the news that City Hall is hushing up that ghosts are real and are terrorising the city, mass hysteria reigns in Peligan City.

Will Lil and Nedly get to the bottom of the case before any more trouble happens - and will they be the first to the scoop? Time to get to the library for help .

1 édition pour ce livre

2019 Editions Chicken House

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 384 pages | Sortie : 5 septembre 2019 | ISBN : 9781848127630

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