Bone season : Saison d'os, tome 0.5

de Samantha Shannon (2016)




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In the perilous heart of Scion London, a dangerous and valuable poltergeist is on the loose – and it must be caught before chaos erupts on the streets of the capital. Here, the clairvoyant underworld plays by its own rules, and rival gangs will stop at nothing to win such a magnificent prize.

Sixteen-year-old Paige Mahoney is working for Jaxon Hall, the most notorious mime-lord in the city. He thinks she is hiding a powerful gift, but it refuses to surface. Maybe this is the opportunity she needs to secure her position in his gang, the Seven Seals…

Titre original : The Bone Season, book 0.5 : The Pale Dreamer (2016)

1 édition pour ce livre

2016 [E-book] Editions Bloomsbury

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 78 pages | Format : AZW | Sortie : 6 Décembre 2016

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