Army Wives: The Unwritten Code of Military Marriage




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Army Wives goes beyond the sound bites and photo ops of military life to bring readers into the hearts and homes of today's military wives.

Biank tells the story of four typical Army wives who, in a flash, find themselves in extraordinary circumstances that ultimately force them to redefine who they are as women and wives. This is a true story about what happened when real life collided with army convention.

Army Wives is a groundbreaking narrative that takes the reader beyond the Army's gates, taking a close look at the other woman--the Army itself--and how its traditions, rules and war-time realities deeply impact marriage and home life.

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2006 Editions St. Martin's Griffin/St. Martin's Press

Française Langue française | 288 pages

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    Dommage de ne pas le trouver en VF...

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