Calendar girl, triple, tome 4

de Audrey Carlan (2016)




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Calendar Girl Mia Saunders has come a long way. She rounds out the end of her year-long journey in Hollywood, New York City, and Aspen. In October, Mia starts her new life working on a celebrity daytime television show where she runs a regular segment about living beautiful. Her guy deals with the aftermath of captivity, and together they find a way to fight through the storms. Next, Mia travels to the Big Apple to tape a program about being thankful. All of her dreams are coming true except for one. Finally, in December, our girl finds herself in the winter wonderland of Aspen, Colorado to film a segment on local artists under rather unique circumstances. Prepare to be wowed as Mia s journey merges into the ending everyone has been waiting for.

Titre original : Calendar girl, integral, book 4 : October, November, December (2016)

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2018 Editions Hugo & cie (New romance)

Française Langue française | Traduit par Robyn Stella Bligh | 467 pages | Sortie : 4 octobre 2018 | ISBN : 9782755639803

2016 Editions Waterhouse Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 416 pages | Sortie : 7 juillet 2016

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