Our Own Piece of Paris

de Ellie Nielsen (2008)




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People fall in love with Paris. Ellie Nielsen was no exception. But she wanted more - she wanted to be a part of the city, to become a little bit French. And so she set her heart on buying an apartment, on owning her own piece of Paris.
Ellie and her husband could just about afford a flat. And, to her surprise, he was up for the ide. So far so good. But Ellie and her family live in Australia; they could'nt make much time for flat-hunting. So she gave herself two weeks to find the perfect solution.
The object of her desire seemed so simple: the sort of apartment she's seen a thousand times in magazines and books. Something effortlessly charming, and old, and quirky - and beautiful done up. Something quintessentially French...
But Ellie didn't speak Franch all that well, and she was certainly no exepert in the vocabulary of property, the buying and selling thereof. And French estate agents weren't always entirely helpful. Not all the flats she visited were perfect : they were small, or lacked views, or even the most basic of amenities... But then Ellie found the perfect one. She was so much in love with it, she even forgot to ask the price. And then things really started to go wrong...

1 édition pour ce livre

2008 Editions Atlantic Books

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 248 pages | Sortie : 1 Juillet 2008 | ISBN : 978-1-84354-776-1

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