Decorating a Room of One's Own




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What would Little Women be without the charms of the March family s cozy New England home? Or Wuthering Heights without the ghost-infested Wuthering Heights? Getting lost in the setting of a good book can be half the pleasure of reading, and Decorating a Room of One sOwn brings literary backdrops to the foreground in this wryly affectionate satire of interior design reporting. English professor and humorist Susan Harlan spoofs decorating culture by reimagining its subject as famous fictional homes and interviews the residents who reveal their true tastes: Lady Macbeth s favorite room in the castle, or the design inspiration behind Jay Gatsby s McMansion of unfulfilled dreams. Featuring 30 entries of notable dwellings, sidebars such as Setting Up an Ideal Governess s Room, and four-color spot illustrations throughout, Decorating a Room of One s Own is the ideal book for readers who appreciate fine literature and a good end table.

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2018 Editions Abrams

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 208 pages | Sortie : 9 octobre 2018 | ISBN : 9781419732379

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  • Mlle Alice Le 09 Mai 2021 à 11:04
    Je mets cette note parce que l'objet livre est une merveille et les illustrations sont sublimes mais je n'ai absolument rien aimé du texte. Ce n'est ni fin, ni drôle. Je suis passée complètement à côté.

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