Aurora Squad, tome 2

de Amie Kaufman et Jay Kristoff (2020)




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Our heroes are back… kind of. From the bestselling co-authors of the Illuminae Files comes the second book in the epic series about a squad of misfits, losers, and discipline cases who just might be the galaxy’s best hope for survival.

First, the bad news: an ancient evil—you know, your standard consume-all-life-in-the-galaxy deal—is about to be unleashed. The good news? Squad 312 is standing by to save the day. They’ve just got to take care of a few small distractions first.

Like the clan of gremps who’d like to rearrange their favorite faces.

And the cadre of illegit GIA agents with creepy flowers where their eyes used to be, who’ll stop at nothing to get their hands on Auri.

Then there’s Kal’s long-lost sister, who’s not exactly happy to see her baby brother, and has a Syldrathi army at her back. With half the known galaxy on their tails, Squad 312 has never felt so wanted.

When they learn the Hadfield has been found, it’s time to come out of hiding. Two centuries ago, the colony ship vanished, leaving Auri as its sole survivor. Now, its black box might be what saves them. But time is short, and if Auri can’t learn to master her powers as a Trigger, the squad and all their admirers are going to be deader than the Great Ultrasaur of Abraaxis IV.

Shocking revelations, bank heists, mysterious gifts, inappropriately tight bodysuits, and an epic firefight will determine the fate of the Aurora Legion’s most unforgettable heroes—and maybe the rest of the galaxy as well.

Titre original : Aurora Cycle, book 2: Aurora Burning (2020)

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2020 Editions Knopf (Young Readers)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 512 pages | Sortie : 5 Mai 2020 | ISBN : 9781524720926

2020 [E-book] Editions Allen & Unwin

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 696 pages | Format : ePub | ISBN : 978 1 76029 574 5

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  • AgatheIsInTheLibrary Le 23 Mai 2020 à 18:07
    Un enchainement d'action, de rebondissements et de révélations ! Les personnages sont toujours aussi attachants, mais certaines de leurs réactions m'ont un peu gênés. La fin est absolument MIND BLOWING !!! Je veux savoir la suite T-T

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