Fence, book 3

Saga Fence




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Sparks fly white-hot on the pitch as Nicholas and Seiji finally face off once again in the halls of King’s Row. It’s a match that will change King’s Row (and both of them!) forever, and set the stage as the team journeys to face their bitter rivals and prove themselves once and for all. The third volume of the breakneck series from writer C.S. Pacat (The Captive Prince) and fan-favorite artist Johanna the Mad comes at you as fast as a parry and hits as hard as a strike.

Titre original : Fence, book 3 (2019)

1 édition pour ce livre

2019 Editions Boom! Studios (Boom! Box)

Française Langue française | 112 pages | Sortie : 20 Août 2019 | ISBN : 9781684153343

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  • tallyhope Le 09 Décembre 2019 à 21:06
    Toujours aussi génial. Vivement le tome 4 et le roman.

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