One for Sorrow




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Against the ominous backdrop of the influenza epidemic of 1918, Elsie, the class tattletale, liar, and thief, claims the new girl at school, Annie, as her best friend. But Annie soon makes other friends as well and finds herself joining them in teasing and tormenting Elsie, who later succumbs to the epidemic and dies. Elsie is not absent from school long, though. She soon returns there as a ghost, ready to reclaim Annie's friendship and to punish all the girls who bullied her.

Titre original : One for Sorrow

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2017 [Audiobook] Editions Dreamscape Media

Anglaise Langue anglaise | Lu par Madeleine Lambert | Durée : 360 min | Sortie : 18 Juillet 2017 | ISBN : 978-0544818095

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