The Book of Silence, book 2: Duncton Rising

de William Horwood (1992)

Saga The Book of Silence Terminée




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This is the second book in The Book of Silence, the second of the Duncton Trilogies…

As Privet, scholar and scribemole and her adopted son Whillan escape from Duncton Wood in search of the Book of Silence, the Newborn Inquisitors seek to take the system over. Only old Stour, Master Librarian, and the timid aide Pumpkin, can defend Duncton and the precious Books of Moledom against the Newborn moles. But time is running out as Privet journeys in search of the lost and last book. To find it she and her friends must go to Caer Caradoc, centre of the Newborns’ power and face Thripp himself. There, too, she must reveal the secrets of her past and give up all hope of reconciliation with the only mole she had ever truly loved: Rooster, Master of the Delve. But it may be too little, too late for Duncton Wood itself as its brave moles struggle against the Newborns’ oppression, with only their faith, the Stone and their hope in Privet to sustain them.

Titre original : The Book of Silence, book 2: Duncton Rising (1992)

1 édition pour ce livre

1993 Editions Fontana

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 636 pages | ISBN : 9780006473022

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